DIY Lemon Spirulina Kombucha

I’m a sucker for health drinks and like to take my time perusing the drinks cooler. There are so many bright, colorful, weird looking options these days. Kombucha, coconut water, kefir, kvass, pre and probiotic, Vitamins A,B,C,D … I could go on. If it comes in a bottle and is reportedly healthy, you can bet I’ve tried it or made it myself. I’ll save turmeric water for another post 😉 .

Kombucha, on the other hand, is a drink I’m loyal to. Fancy Rose Schizandra or Blueberry Maple kombucha? Why yes, I do. It’s an expensive habit, this kombucha love of mine, all in the name of probiotic flora for my gut. I really do benefit from a daily kombucha kick ; time to experiment with my own wild flavorings.

I’m a fan of algae- chlorella and spirulina- and usually add it to smoothies. Why not add a dash of green to the brew?

Lemon Spirulina kombucha is my latest concoction. Simply add a teaspoon of Spirulina powder to your homemade kombucha (click for recipe).  Next, squeeze half a lemon into your blend. Go easy on the lemon if you’re not fond of its tartness. Shake it up and enjoy.

Don’t fret over the grainy green Spirulina film on your glass. If it’s green and it glows, it’s probably good for you!

What kombucha flavors do you make at home? Send me flavor inspirations.


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