Today I treated myself to a Float, which is  60 minutes in a flotation Isopod. It’s a lightproof, soundproof pod with 12 inches of Epsom salt soaked water. You float weightlessly (because of the high salt content) and kinda feel like you’re floating in outer space. Especially if you fully close the pod, making it pitch black and soundless.

I was feeling energetically zapped and knew a water-based treatment (hydrotherapy) would do the trick. It was a little chilly to play in the ocean, so I booked the pod.

I loved it. Deeply relaxing, time stood still while floating. It was intense too, heightening my senses to subtle movements and sounds of the body. My muscles could really release and I felt the usual neck and shoulder tension I have melt away.

Afterwards, I was really centered and grounded. I was in my body, in the moment. The float was deeply calming and I will definitely make it a part of my regular self care practice. It’s kinda like having a massage, nap and bath at the same time. Only better 🙂

Give the float pod a go! It’s wild feeling weightless, dreaming of stars…

I floated at Alchemy Arts Center in Santa Barbara, Ca.

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