Cara specializes in teaching therapeutic yoga to those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, severe anxiety and depression. She currently leads yoga groups in the Psychiatric Nursing Ward at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, teaching patients with psychiatric mental disorders and/or chemical dependency. Cara also teaches at Cottage Residential Center, a rehabilitation center treating those in recovery from drug and alcohol dependence.

Cara is pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology degree at Antioch University Santa Barbara. Passionate about integrative therapies, she enjoys sharing the powerful practice of yoga with her clients as a complementary tool to traditional psychotherapy. Yoga aids the therapeutic process, enabling clients to connect mind and body, providing a stable foundation for healing.

Cara completed her yoga teacher training at Naada Yoga in Montreal, QC, Canada with Rodney Yee. She has managed yoga studios and therapy centers across the U.S. and Europe; including Camyoga, a yoga center in Cambridge, England and The Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy in Burlington, VT.

Past therapeutic groups include: Yoga for Stress Relief,  Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Teen Girls: Building Strength, Confidence and Positive Body Image and Yoga for Recovery. Cara also teaches Yin and Vinyasa flow yoga.



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