Bacara Resort

Mondays @ 5:30pm

Yoga at Bacara Resort & Spa

Mental Wellness Center

Thursdays @ 5:30pm Community yoga

at The Mental Wellness Center



I’m currently teaching therapeutic yoga classes for patients of Cottage Hospital and Cottage Residential Center.  To book a private or semi-private yoga session,  please email me @  Rates and schedules vary 🙂

therapeutic yoga

12.17.14 As I settle into life in Santa Barbara, I’m organizing my teaching schedule for the New Year. I’ll be focusing on therapeutic yoga classes within the SB community.  Stay tuned!


09.21.14 Cara is relocating to California! Check back for an updated teaching schedule.


04.07.14 Cara is currently teaching at Newfane Yoga. For full class schedule, please visit:

Newfane Yoga


refresh renew restorative beginners yoga     crow YOGA FOR TEEN GIRLSYoga for Stress Relief ____________________________________________________ PAST WORKSHOPS Refresh & Renew Yoga Workshop  Saturday,  Jan 11, 2 – 4pm $35 at Green Mountain Community Fitness It’s a new year! Cleanse your mind and body in this 2 hour yoga workshop with Cara.  Starting with a detoxifying flow, we’ll use the power of the breath to increase circulation and help move stagnation. We’ll flush  out toxins with twists and hip openers, giving the body a fresh start. The second half of this workshop will focus on renewing the body, by opening the heart center. Using restorative postures to open the shoulders and chest,  we’ll release deep-seated tension and allow room for living in the moment, staying close to our hearts and listening deeply as we move into the new year. Refresh and Renew! Sign up here!  *All levels welcome, no experience necessary*

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